Rayphe-Profile-Picture-225x169 Our spirit, soul, and body are all designed to intricately function in perfect harmony; each with the others.  But life can be challenging, with forces determined to interfere with our God-given destiny.  Sometimes, even through no fault of our own, it is easy to find ourselves out of balance.  Here you will find information and support to help you reach your God-given destiny.   Parson Rayphe

Redemption Healing: Wholeness for the Spirit, Soul, AND Body
Traumatic events, demonic influence, stress, anxiety, fear, emotional problems, PTSD, addictions and their associated, physical, health issues are now common in AmericaBut even if the effects of these conditions are seemingly unnoticeable, we are all effected by unseen influences. Now, our present and future are dependent upon how we address these issues and ourselves.  “Redemption Healing” offers inner healing and health for special people like you who are seeking freedom from oppression or just in need of a little encouragement.  Click here for more

The Shield (of protection)
Regardless of your specific location, Americans now live in a culture that often has little concern for others. It is no longer unusual to experience a traumatic event that causes Inner unrest.  Likewise, those who suffer inner unrest, for any reason, can find it challenging to function confidently.  Often one condition can lead to the other and the other can lead to another.   Learn how to keep yourself, your loved ones, others and property safe and secure.  Learn to avoid traumatic events and live life confidently in whatever your situation may be.   Click here for more

Wednesday night seminar
Every week I present a free seminar, on a variety of subjects, to help navigate through these tumultuous times.  Join us at 7:00 PM PT; it’s free, live on the internet, and interactive.  Click here for more

Regional Meet-ups
Periodically I can be found at a local park, business, restaurant or  other community meeting place; just another way to connect with each other.  Click here for more

We need each other
Regardless of whether you are on top of your game, or if you find yourself struggling, everyone benefits from healthy relationships with others.  Living Water House of Faith is a diverse community of singles, couples, and families.  While some of us are “scattered abroad”, some of us meet locally as we all network together in community.  We are purposed to live out God’s love through our relationship with Him, and each other, while sharing Him with those who don’t yet know Him.  Click here for more

News and Articles

Following are news clips and other information about life in today’s America.  When possible, I offer commentary to the various situations.  I also write articles about real life issues that effect us all. Our spirit, soul and body are intricately related with each aspect influencing the other. These articles help us see how to cope with pressures that easily cause us to become out of balance;  just food for thought to live life with confidence.

Please note: While many of these articles are encouraging, some may be disturbing

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