Will America be Be Great Again?

Parson Rayphe; Bibical counseling, deliverance, inner healing, Pastor, home church, small groupsThe Second America Revolution
I consider the recent political events to be nearly as much of a “revolution” as the original War for American Independence which began in 1776. Even recently, some have died to get us where we are, many others have greatly sacrificed, and more, even now, continue to do so.  Still we can all thank God that this “revolution” has primarily been accomplished through political means rather than through massive bloodshed.

Dr. Benjamin Rush: Could the Revolution Really Succeed?
But back in 1777, Dr.Benjamin Rush had been appointed the Surgeon General for the Continental Army. While traveling the countryside, Dr. Rush assisted at several field hospitals. He witnessed the fledgling Continental army struggling against the massive British forces.  Seeing the weakened state of affairs, he questioned the likelihood of victory for the Continental Army.


John Adams

Can America be great again?
Then, after returning to congress, Dr. Rush leaned over to John Adams and asked him if he thought we could really win the war. In response John Adams confidently and unequivocally replied;

“YES! – if we fear God and repent of our sins.”

Can we succeed today?
Now, in the midst of this current revolution, on this day of Thanksgiving, in spite of the recent current events, the odds can still seem overwhelming; and to the natural man, indeed they are. But today, let us echo those infamous words of one of America’s greatest founders.

Will America be free and great again?

“YES! – if we fear God and repent of our sins.” Amen.

I’ll see you out in the field,
Parson Rayphe

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