Will President-elect Trump’s “Picks” be America’s deciding factor?


A Christian perspective of President-elect Donald Trumps Picks


A Christian Pastors perspective of President-elect Donald Trumps PicksThe other day I was reviewing some comments made by a good, Christian man, who I respect, that has done a lot for America. He went on about how President-elect Trump’s administration “picks” are not “draining the swamp” as much as simply recycling the water without even running it through a filter (my paraphrase).  There was little other even mentioned among his multitude of comments.

While I know many would agree with those observations; if that is our focus, there are things that we will be drastically missing, namely our freedom and future.

Three points to ponder
First, I admit I am not as politically astute as the man who made those comments.  But I do know enough about politics to firmly state that, with no hesitation, I would take President-elect Trump’s “picks” over what we have seen in the last eight years, or what we would have seen had he not been elected.  So in that way I am very thankful for them.

Secondly, time will tell but I see a very different Donald Trump now than I saw at the beginning of the election.  It is reported that he gave His life to Jesus during the campaign.  Is it possible that meeting Jesus, and America in a new way, has allowed him to see the light?  I think we need to give this thing a little time before we judge Donald Trump, or his “picks” too harshly.

Thirdly, the criticism of the picks that I saw from the man mentioned above was for people working in a different time, under different leadership.  As (possibly) Donald Trump, you, and certainly I have changed over the years, could it be that maybe they have too?  Could it be that they have seen the folly of years past and that now, under new leadership, and a new mandate from America, they will perform better than before?  As public servants, if these people were to see a clearly defined direction from the electors, would they consider doing what they were told so as to keep their jobs?

What are your “picks”?
I have said it before and I will say it again, leadership is very important but America’s future is not dependent on Donald Trump or his “picks” alone.

In Matthew chapter 10 Jesus picked His disciples.  In Matthew 28:19 Jesus told us to “go and “pick” (more) disciples”.

I have been told that Donald Trump is going to make over 4,000 “picks” before he is finished with his new administration. So, to me, the question becomes this; How many “picks” have you made?  In the last year, how many times have you personally sat (or stood) with someone and explained the Gospel?  How many disciples have you mentored in the last year?

I’m not talking about Facebook “friends”.  Those may not be bad things but I am talking about, face to face, making a disciple of Jesus that would bring glory to God and help make your community and nation Godly and great again.

If every American that identifies themselves as a Christian just “picked” (discipled) one person a year for the next four years, the President’s “picks” in 2020 would be little more than a paragraph in the news.  Even just in the next year alone, if every Christian only “picked” one person to disciple,  America would be a completely different place in two years.

Leadership is unquestionably critical.  But for the glory of God, let’s do our part to turn our communities to Jesus and make America great again.

I’ll see you out in the field,
Parson Rayphe

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