You Can Find Freedom Through Inner Healing

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Especially if you are facing some challenges right now, there are a few things I would like you to know.

You Are Special
When God made men and women, Genesis 1:31 records how God said His creation was “very good”. In Psalm 139:14 King David exclaims that he is wonderfully made and how right he was. Likewise, when God created you He made a wonderful masterpiece. You are very special to Him.

You Had an Enemy of Your Soul, Even Before You Were Even Born
Unfortunately, before you were even born, mankind made some bad choices that made God feel very sad because He knew they were making a mistake. One of those choices that man made was to elevate satan, our adversary, to the position of a (false) god.

God didn’t want that to happen but He didn’t want to force them to do (or not do) anything either; He wanted them to make their own choices. So unfortunately, their decisions gave satan some powerful, but limited authority in the world.

But regardless of the choices of others, the Bible tells us that you are a beloved treasure to Jehovah God; and even though you are living in the world, you do not belong to the world or its false god. This conflict can create tension, in a multitude of ways, that can be very challenging to deal with.

You were not created to be isolated, alone to deal with these things by yourself. We all need encouragement and help from time to time. God has provided answers to help us with these things; pathways for healing. You don’t have to be a perpetual victim of the world, evil, or anything, or anyone else. God has made a way for you to overcome circumstances! You just need to learn how.

Secular Mental Health Workers are at a disadvantage
Because secular “mental health” workers such as psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors and therapists don’t understand the spiritual forces at work, and how they impact us, even though well-meaning, they are disadvantaged. Some even deny the very existence of the human spirit (not to mention God’s Spirit) let alone the profound relationship between the spirit, mind (soul) and body.

When was the last time you asked your secular medical doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor or therapist about their personal view of God and the Bible? Do they consider you to be an evolving amoeba, the descendant of an ape, or a cherished creation and child of God? It matters. It matters a great deal. The point of reference that is held by those you entrust yourself to substantially impacts their ability to help you no matter how “nice” or well-meaning they may be.

Secular “mental health” workers often utilize procedures and synthetic chemicals (medication) that are foreign, and even adverse, to the body and soul. These approaches often suppress physical and “mental” symptoms while leaving the root causes of unrest unaddressed. This leaves the real issues lurking in the background; waiting to resurface when triggered or when the medication is no longer present.

Secular estimates indicate that approximately 70% of all Americans are taking prescription drugs of various sorts and, as we all know, almost all of them have detrimental side effects; many of which are unknown to the consumer (or anyone else). It is sad to see that these clinical approaches often leave the hurting, hurting and empty; even after years of expensive “treatment”. Under secular care, in many cases the best that the oppressed can hope for is a life time drug dependency.

Inner Unrest Is Not Always As Straightforward As It Sometimes Appears
Often times symptoms can be difficult to correlate with underlying, root causes. Sometimes it takes some sorting out; but with the leading of the Holy Spirit, God can heal these root causes and then, with the renewing of your mind, it is possible to experience God’s healing power in all aspects of your life spirit, soul, body, relationships, et cetera.

Are you experiencing any of these challenges?
Do you suffer from physical problems, anxiety attacks, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, trauma, memory loss, hearing voices, abuse, night terrors, anger issues, rejection, phobias, addictions, eating disorders or other similar challenges? These kinds of issues are becoming quite common in America today. You are not alone; There are answers; there is hope.

We all need a little help from time to time
You need not spend your life in turmoil. Sometimes mistakes are made, sometimes through no fault of your own, “life happens”, or you may be an innocent victim. Often times we don’t even know why we are experiencing emotional unrest. But no matter what the difficulty, Jesus offers answers. Dear one there is a better way; God’s way.

Parson Rayphe, Bible, Deliverance, Healing. Biblical, Christian Counselor, Chaplain, traumaDon’t give up! There are answers that will help you off of the roller-coaster. You are valued and there is hope.

As a Chaplain, Counselor and Bible based Natural Health Practitioner with a heart for helping the hurting, I do so within a Biblical context by supporting the whole person; spirit, soul and body.

I have a passion for helping people be set free in God.

You don’t have to face your challenges alone.

Parson Rayphe




Everything we do is based upon Biblical Principles. We do not diagnose, treat diseases or provide medical services. Nothing on this website should be confused with those things. If that is what you are seeking we advise you to seek medical attention through the state and nationally licensed medical systems. We offer a Bible based educational and prayer ministry. All support from this ministry is provided from a Biblical perspective.


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