National Day of Prayer

America, patriotic, ChristianNational Day of Prayer

Today you are a part of history.

I have taught about National Days of Prayer, most of which occurred in early America.  I have led annual National Day of Prayer events; but to my knowledge, I have never personally experienced a day in which the President of the United States of America actually proclaimed a certain day as a day of prayer for a certain purpose.

From my perspective, this is a historic event.
Houston Texas flooding
As a united front, President Donald Trump has proclaimed Sunday, September 3, 2017 as a National Day of Prayer for the flood victims of Texas and
the Governor of that state has proclaimed the same day as a state day of prayer as a result of Hurricane Harvey.

Like any of us, it isn’t difficult to find fault with some things our new President has done and not done but anyone who knows anything about Donald Trump knows that he doesn’t do anything unless he wants to.  So what a blessing it is to see him unite with the Governor and lead the nation in this way.

Please Remember Montana Too

As we pray for Texas, I encourage us to lift up Montana as well.  Nearly a million acres have burned in that state this year. It is reported that the entire state lays blanketed under such smoke that it is virtually impossible to get a deep breath of air anywhere.

It’s hard to believe, but one person who lives there told me that in one day a single fire burned 40,000 acres. “In that same day, 40 lightning strikes caused 40 new fires.  Towns are being threatened. The weathermen say that if lightning strikes right now, 100% chance is a new fire will start. They also said it is going to take a foot of snow to thoroughly quench the deep-seated fires. People are losing their livelihoods, farms, ranches and homesteads that represent lifetimes of hard work and perseverance.”

Not only Montana but much of the Pacific Northwest is also burning right now.


 So today I encourage us to take advantage of this National Day of Pray.  Remember Texas, Montana, the Pacific Northwest and All of America.

Let’s pray that America will turn to Jehovah God and embrace the Savior Jesus Christ, the only hope of true salvation for us individually, our regions, states and even America itself.

Parson Rayphe

Read the full Proclamation here 

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