Remembering 9-11 in 2017 and Beyond

Many are quick to criticize President Trump; I’ll go on record to say I appreciate him. I am thankful for a President who is leading the nation on 9-11 in this way rather than being out on the golf course as we have seen in previous administrations.

9-11 Memorials
The mantra of 9-11 is “we will never forget”. With that in mind I am pleased to see these memorials that remember those who were sacrificed on that day.  However I fear that most of
America began “forgetting” about it just a couple of weeks after it happened.
The following week the churches were full, the week after that attendance was significantly less and by about the 3rd week it was mostly business as usual with relatively few making an effort to prevent future atrocities.
First Responders
For me personally, some of the more vivid memories that I have about that day include hearing the testimonies of some of the victims.  I remember them saying how they met fire fighters ascending the stairs as everyone else was descending to escape.  Many of them were never seen again.
I remember seeing firemen and policemen covered in ash.  Since9-11 memorial for fire fighters in God we trustthen I have heard about how some of those men have suffered and died as a result of the carcinogens that were in that fallout.

I have stood on both sides of the badge and I know that ego is often the motivation for wearing a uniform.  However I am very thankful that there truly are still many, many good men in America, both in uniform and out, that will “run toward the fire” humbling themselves before God to sacrificially serve others.Our Future
One thing I disdain about memorials of this nature is that I know that the fallen would want to be remembered only if it were to do some good.

To hold solemn assemblies to remember the fallen and then go on to make the same mistakes that led to their end is to take their name in vain.

Christian counseling, Kooskia, Grangeville, Kamiah, Idaho Bible, hide in JesusAmerica’s motto is “One nation under God”. Keeping Jehovah God as our banner is the only hope for America.  Let’s not abandon God.  He alone should be our banner.  Will you join us?

Parson Rayphe



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