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Modern Medicine Isn’t Always Best

Modern medicine isn’t always best

Ingesting chemicals into your body can be harmful. A better way…
People all across America are beginning to realize that, in many cases, there are alternatives to modern, synthetic, institutional medicine that is foreign to the mind and body. Obviously “modern medicine” can have its benefits, however, a mountain of evidence is forming to conclude that in many ways, “modern medicine” may not be as it is presented.

By utilizing billions of dollars in advertising, Americans have been convinced that pharmaceuticals will fix all of their problems.

Hearing voices? Take some Solian. Depressed? Just take some pertofane. Feeling anxious? Wellbutrin just may be your quick fix to a new life.

Do you have a headache? Just take some Tylenol. Early-onset diabetes? Don’t worry about diet or exercise just get right on that insulin.

For decades Americans have been bombarded by these kinds of messages. The result? Statistics indicate that approximately 70% of all Americans are now hooked on prescription drugs.

Thankfully, many people are now waking up to the reality that the emotional and physical side effects of expensive, synthetic chemical dependency are often not worth the benefits.

“Alternative” Medicine
Part of modern medicine’s advertising campaign has been to convince the world that it is the standard and that all else is an “alternative”.

But for a moment, consider just how long “modern medicine” has been in existence. Depending upon how you count it and compared to all of creation, “modern medicine” has only existed for an extremely short period of time; a mere “drop in the bucket”… if that.

Still, even though it is far from perfected, because of the billions of dollars spent on advertising, pharmaceutical companies in conjunction with the American Medical Association have created an environment in which “modern medicine” is the (false) standard whereby all other healing modalities are measured.

Unfortunately most “Christians” (including “Christian” institutions) have preferred and embraced medical science over God’s provision and instructions. Subsequently, real and effective God-given health and healing principles, that have been practiced for millennia, are now being referred to as “alternative” even though they have effectively provided health and healing relief since the beginning of time. Even prayer itself has largely been relegated to the back of the bus, being categorized second to medical science.

Health and Healing Options
Because many who identify as Christian have rejected God’s health and healing principles, much of the holistic and natural healing realm has been led by those practicing “new age” thought, and other ungodly modalities. For Christians, this is problematic because these practitioners are absent the truth of Yahweh God, His Word, and Spirit. They often introduce the unsuspecting to a new spiritual realm (even unknowingly) that creates an entirely new set of problems which can have eternally devastating results.

The sad reason that new age and other false religions are taking the lead in these areas is because Christianity has failed to step up with answers that addresses all health issues of the spirit, soul (mind) and body.

In the Bible, God has provided us with an abundance of health and healing information, for every area of life, that many Christians avoid; answers for all health issues ranging from depression to diabetes.  It is so unfortunate that health and healing God’s way has been neglected to the point in which it has been largely rejected.

Join The Health & Healing Revolution!
But praise God there is an awakening in progress. There is a health and healing revolution under way. People are beginning to realize that being dependent upon synthetic drugs and the companies that provide them really isn’t a good idea. People are beginning to see that promoting and ingesting chemicals, with devastating side effects, into our bodies may not always be the best option. Some Christians are even beginning to believe that God really does have the answers to their problems.

Hearing voices? Depressed? Feeling anxious? Do you have a headache? Diabetes? Whatever your health or healing challenge, whether it be in spirit, mind or body, God can help. There is hope and there are answers.

Start Now
Today I encourage you to take a step forward. Health and healing God’s way brings true freedom. Helping you achieve this is what we are all about.

You don’t have to face your challenges alone.

Parson Rayphe, Dr.

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