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Beyond the institutional church
how to leave traditional church denominations Home groups, small church, house church

People are leaving institutional churches at record setting rates. These searching souls are looking for reality and relevance.

Bible based Christian home church, house church, cell church, small group, fellowship group, online, idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Bible based, Spirit filled

I was raised in a typical American church.  Later, God touched me in a profound way while sitting in a (different) church building.  That was many years ago.

In both instances, I was clearly shown gaping holes in institutional churches:  Holes that even the most committed (as I was) can easily fall through (which I did).  You will be able to read about that and much more, here as time goes on.

Later I became a Pastor.  For several years I thought that if I could practice a modified version of  traditional  "church" I could help people see the simplicity and value of being a part of it.  I tried to keep it familiar enough that it wouldn't seem foreign to the American culture yet intimate enough to be of value.

However, no matter how I tried, I was unable to definitively convey the Biblical model of "church" while remaining connected to that framework.

It's so very important to remember that the "church"  is people.  It's not a building or a corporation.

God has a whole new wineskin waiting for His people coming to us right from the book of Acts.  It includes far more than just taking a large church meeting and figuring out how to duplicate it in a small group or home.

So today I minister in healing, counseling, and revival while facilitating and promoting Fellowship Groups.  I also consult for others who are interested in living out a Biblical lifestyle in this way.

You might also find our articles about Fellowship Groups helpful.

May God richly bless you in your journey.

Feel free to contact me if I can be of service.

Dr. Rayphe

Discipleship, small group, g12, personal

I don't know of any business model that expects their employees to master their craft by sitting in a room and listening to a lecture.

Except for in traditional, institutional churches, there is almost always field training of some sort.

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Emotional Abuse

Marriage, family and divorce counseling, dysfunction, premariatal counseling Emotional abuse can be very harmful and traumatic.  Often this is related to generational issues that are carried forward until they are stopped. 

Emotional abuse can take the form being critical, controlling, rage, anger, neglect, marriage issues, rebellion and in many other manifestations.

As the recipient, living with these behaviors can be very challenging and damaging.

In addressing emotional abuse, root causes become very important and often the "abuser" won't even know what the root issues really are.

We can help identify these issues and address the root problem. As a Christian counseling ministry that also ministers online, we can help you sort through difficult issues.

Feel free to contact us if we can be of assistance.

Dr. Rayphe

evil spirits, demons & satan

Evil spirits, demons. fallen angels, satan, the devil, generational curses, can all be very challenging. Deliverance and Christian exorcism ministryevil spirits, demons, satan, the devil, principalities:  All of these effect us more than we realize.

Whether you are a Christian, or not, these evil entities can dramatically affect your life.  A person does not have to be "possessed" in order to be influenced by evil.

To experience deliverance or exorcism is simply the process of removing demons that have been afflicting a person.  They can effect you in many, many ways including emotions, health issues, thought process's, relationships, finances and more.

As a Christian counseling ministry that also ministers online, we can help you sort through difficult issues.

Please contact us if we can be of assistance

Dr. Rayphe

Fellowship Communities: Online - Regional

Home Fellowships, Home church, house church, small group, organic church, cell church, idaho, montana, washington, oregonThere are many who are seeing and sensing a new wave of God that has all of the earmarks of Revival. However, it is different than before.

This revival is taking shape OUTside the walls of the institutional churches. People are looking for something REAL, something that is relevant.

Some leave the faith: Others are finding what they were missing in Fellowship Communities.

You may have heard the term "Fellowship groups, home groups, small groups, cell groups or home church.  These are good things; but not exactly what we are talking about. Fellowship Communities support each other throughout the week, in various ways, and then join together when possible.

For the Apostles and disciples, this was their way of life.  It is one way that they "turned the world upside down"This way of life is foreign to many in America, but for Christians in other countries, it is considered normal.

Though it is still not as common in America, for the last twenty years we have found that God can move in Fellowship Communities more effectively and consistently than in any other setting.

Many of us who identify with this lifestyle are unable to connect with anyone local who is like-minded.

Contact us to see how you can be a part of our online Fellowship Community.

As part of the Revival that is brewing, Dr. Rayphe facilitates, promotes and consults for Fellowship Communities.

Holistic Pastoral Counseling

Holistic Pastoral Christian Counseling, Free, online Health, physical healing, inner healing, coahChristian Pastoral Counselor and prophetic prayer ministry for your spirit, soul and body: Inner healing, physical healing along with Holistic, Christian, Pastoral counseling support for healing and health.

Biblical Crisis Counseling, Grief Counseling, dissociation, Spiritual Counseling, spiritual abuse, trauma, satanic ritual abuse, sra, stress, post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), chronic sickness, depression, disease, illness, spiritual abuse and other related issues are some of what we may be able to help with. Individual, Family, and Group online Christian Counseling.

As a Christian counseling ministry that also ministers online, we can help you sort through difficult issues.

Please contact us if we can be of assistance

Dr. Rayphe

Inner Healing

Christian Pastoral Counselor for inner healing; ritual abuse, depression, anxiety, suicide, addictionsMost conflicts have their roots in a previous issue.  Inner healing addresses the root causes of behaviors and emotions.  Inner healing is a form of counseling that addresses the root cause of conflict in your life.

Root issues are often from childhood but can also be the result of an adult experience as well.  Emotions, fears, anger, insecurity, rejection, depression, are all issues that can be addressed in inner healing.

As a Christian counseling ministry that also ministers online, we can help you sort through difficult issues.

Please contact us if we can be of assistance

Dr. Rayphe

Living a Revival Lifestyle
Jesus wants to meet you where you are at but then He invites you to move forward with Him in holiness and righteousness.

One way to define revival is "an encounter with Jesus / Yeshua"

While God loves those who love Him more than we can even imagine, as a loving Father He has established boundaries for us.

Boundaries are good when lovingly applied; they keep us safe, out of harm's way.

As a parent prevents their child from playing in a busy street, God has also established a number of boundaries to keep us safe.

These boundaries help us to see him, unite with Him, and live life with Him.

That's not a bad thing; it's a good thing.  When we accidentally or mistakenly step outside those boundaries the Bible calls it sin.

Sin is an offense against God but He has assured us that if we do make a mistake, all we have to do to reestablish right standing with Him is to have a sincere heart and ask for His forgiveness.

This is the path to living an abundant life; a "revival lifestyle".

Natural Health

Physical health or natural health is in the Bible., natural health, naturaopathy Christian Certified Health CoachThe Bible has much to say about natural health and living a healthy lifestyle.  It addresses a wide range of topics including diet, natural healing, how emotions affect the body, herbs,  essential oils and more.

To ask for good health or healing, while disregarding God's instructions for how to take care of our body, is contradictory.

As a Certified Natural Health Coach, I can help you apply Godly Biblical health principles to your life.

Contact me here for a no obligation, 15-minute consultation.

Dr. Rayphe

Physical Healing

Physical healing is in the Bible. Divine healing, health, prayer, healer, Christian Certified Health CoachThe Old Testament word is Shalom: Nothing missing; nothing broken.  The New Testament equivalent is Sozo: Wholeness in every area of life.

satan, the devil purposes to make sure that you don't experience these things.  Jesus / Yeshua came to destroy the works that the devil purposes against you.

Physical healing is a part of what Jesus / Yeshua has done for you.  While He was on earth He went around healing all and He wants you to be healed and healthy also.

As a Certified Health Coach and a Christian Holistic Pastoral counseling ministry that also ministers online, we can help you sort through difficult issues.

Please contact us if we can be of assistance

Dr. Rayphe


Healing and Revival for Today: Here and Now. Bible based Christian health and inner healing coach for wholeness and wellness in IdahoRevival is far more than large meetings with a few songs and a presentation.  It can start there, but revival is about Jesus (I often refer to Him by his Hebrew name Yeshua).

It’s about Yeshua reaching out, by His Spirit, and encountering real people in the here and now, wherever they are; large meetings, small meetings, in the kitchen, fishing or walking down the street.

Revival is about living in harmony with God, hour by hour, rather than fighting against Him.  It's not about do's and dont's; it's about a real relationship with Him.

If you would like to experience peace with God on a daily basis then please click here; it's easy.  You will be glad you did.

As we commit ourselves to an authentic relationship with Yeshua we find healing and restoration in a way that only He can provide. We then move forward, learning how to walk out this new life ”In Him” so that we can experience the life He wants us to live and share Him with others.

It is my heart that all who are called will rise up and bless God, others, and even the land itself as the plans and purposes of Yeshua are brought forth.

I minister in revival lifestyle through teaching, inner healing and physical healing to individuals, families and groups.

There is a move of God going forth throughout America, and even the world, in a way that I haven’t seen for many years.  Some institutional churches are joining in but it is largely occurring outside the four walls of the “institutionalized church”.   Some are referring to it as the “Second Jesus Movement”.

I am excited to be a part of it. Will you join us?

Dr. Rayphe

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Ritual abuse
Also see "Trauma and PTSD" Click here
Spiritual Warfare

spiritual warfare, satan, evil spirits, devil, God, demons

One of the most effective methods of deception that satan (the devil) has utilized is to make people, particularly Christians, think that he doesn't exist.

In doing so he has accomplished many things; one is shifting the blame for bad things in the world over to Yahweh, the God of the Bible; and another is instead of addressing the source of bad things in their own lives, people (including Christians) just write them off to "bad karma".

While in the church I grew up in, during my teen years, in frustration I remember asking "why do we always have to be on the defensive?"

I was referring to satan and evil.  No one there had the answer to that question, leading me to believe that, as Christians, we were left defenseless.

However, that was incorrect.  We don't have to be at the mercy of the devil. There are many ways to be on the spiritual offense.

I pray the information in these articles is helpful.

If you would like additional assistance feel free to contact me for a no-obligation consultation.

Dr. Rayphe

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