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Even the Bible says that it is impossible to live this life without experiencing adversity: But there is a great deal you can do to avoid it. There are very effective, simple steps you can take to prevent yourself, and those you love, from being an innocent victim of evil both emotionally and physically.

What is “The Shield”?
“The Shie
ld” is a program created for the purpose of helping you keep yourself, your loved ones and your property both physically and emotionally safe and secure.

of Protection

In this interactive presentation / consultation, you will learn personal safety, home security and traveling strategies for both home and away. We help you create an overall personal safety plan with an emphasis on prevention, awareness and avoiding harmful or dangerous situations.  Through prevention, we help you, your family or group avoid becoming a victim.

We are greatly concerned about the effects of evil on society as a whole, and specifically upon the individual lives of people like you.  With an emphasis on emotional safety, crime prevention, home security, personal safety, security, and preparedness, this program is one way to encourage and support those who desire to avoid being a victim.

Parson Rayphe has spent several years as a military MP, a police officer, a Pastor and Counselor.  He has dedicated his life to helping others stay out of the grip of evil.

“It is my prayer that this ministry will be a blessing by giving you the knowledge to stay safe from those who purpose to harm, steal from, and otherwise victimize the innocent.”
Parson Rayphe

Safety And Security
The single most important step toward keeping yourself, family, friends, and property safe and secure is making the decision to refuse to be a victim.  That means you need to have an overall crime prevention, home security, and personal safety plan for home, work, travel, and wherever you may be, already in place before you need it.

How we can help

  • On-line courses available 
  • Seminars (specific lengths & topics based upon need) for family, group or church.
  • Personal protection, security and safety assistance
  • Home Security

Subjects we cover

  • Social Media
  • Crime Prevention
  • Psychology of Criminal Predators
  • Mental Preparedness
  • Home Security
  • Physical Security
  • Workplace Security
  • Parents and Children From Pre-School to College
  • Computer Security


  • Social Awareness
  • Automobile Security
  • Out-Of-Town Travel Security
  • Technological Security
  • Self-Defense Physical Training
  • Personal Protection Devices
  • Persons With Physical Disabilities
  • Domestic Violence
  • Stalking
  • Senior Citizens



Who may attend?
Training received in “The Shield” is appropriate for both men and women, from mature children to seniors. Tailored programs are available specifically for families, groups, women and children. Material is included to help parents discuss these issues with their children.

.Is this a self-defense training course?
Though personal defense strategies are discussed, “The Shield” is purposed to help you avoid physical altercations. Criminals, perpetrators, and those who would otherwise take advantage, prefer easy targets. “The Shield” protection program helps you to become a more difficult target. For further assistance in this area please contact us.

As a Biblical Counselor and Pastor with several years of military and nonmilitary police experience, Parson Rayphe brings knowledgeable and experienced passion to help you, your family or group stay safe and secure.  His unique perspective can help you maintain a “Shield of Protection” around yourself, your loved ones and your property.

“The Shield” Training For Women
See above for related information. This “for women only”  training is focused on personal safety strategies and can include some basic self-defense skills for women that can enable you to avoid, resist, and survive situations ranging from low levels of aggression to violent assault. During this training time period, for the benefit of each student; we ask that only the participants are present. This is a safe, friendly, encouraging environment where students can freely learn and participate without distractions.
Security evaluations

With several years of civilian, military police, and military security experience, Parson Rayphe is available to assist you with your personal, family, group and church needs.
Pepper Spray Oleoresin Capsicum
A convenient aerosol spray that is used as a protection device. When used before hands-on defense, there is less risk of injuries to all parties. As a certified instructor Parson Rayphe can helpbe-ye-prepared-web-site-pepper-spray-group-picture you learn how to:
  • Identify the stages of conflict in order to: recognize the threat,reduce the threat, and determine how and when to use force.
  • Apply state of the art tactical concepts such as: spraying techniques, disengagement, proper defensive positions, methods of movement, multiple opponent defense, contact and cover system, defense against moving attacks, ground defense drawing techniques and alternative options.
  • Many other subjects are covered in the use of this good tool in the bag of defensive options

Helping to prevent you and your loved ones from being innocent victims of evil (in spirit, soul AND body) is an important part of what we do; all on a donation basis.  Obviously, there are significant costs involved in offering this assistance and so we do appreciate that at a minimum, when possible, at least our costs would be covered.

On line, live presentations are offered by video as well as on-site presentations, in Central Idaho, in the Lewistion, Moscow, Grangeville, Lapwai, Kamiah, Kooskia, Riggins, and Orofino, Idaho areas.

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