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How to leave church, institutional, denominational, traditional, neighborhood, Bible church. Internet church, small groups, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon
Home house church consltant ministry. How to have church at homeI was raised in a typical American church.

Later, God touched me in a profound way while sitting in a (different) church building.  That was many years ago.

In both instances, I was clearly shown gaping holes in institutional churches:  Holes that even the most committed (as I was) can easily fall through (which I did).  You will be able to read about that and much more, here as time goes on.

Later I became a Pastor.  When I was new to ministry, I had some profound visitations in which God showed me the lack in institutional churches and the strengths of His way of “doing church” as explained in the Bible.

As a Pastor, I tried to adapt God’s ways to the traditional church model.  I tried to help people see the simplicity and value of the Biblical model, while keeping “church” familiar enough that it wouldn’t seem too foreign to the American culture.

However, no matter how I tried, I was unable to definitively convey the Biblical model of “church” while remaining connected to that framework.  Eventually I abandaned the American idea of “church” and went “all in” with God’s instructions.

It’s so very important to remember that the “church”  is people.  It’s not a building or a corporation.

God has a whole new wineskin waiting for His people coming to us right from the book of Acts.  It includes far more than just taking a large church meeting and figuring out how to duplicate it in a small group or home.

It’s about community: learning to live and love as a fellowship and family of God’s children day in, day out throughout the week, month and fellowship community like in the Bible. Leaving church consultant online on the internet, home church, house church, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Utah, Oregon  There is currently revival brewing here in America and even all over the world that embraces that reality.

Today I minister in inner healing, holistic Pastoral Counseling for the spirit, soul and body, and revival while facilitating and promoting  Fellowship Communities.  I also consult for others who are interested in living out a Biblical lifestyle in this way.

You might also find our articles about Fellowship Communities helpful.

May God richly bless you in your journey.

Feel free to contact me if I can be of service.

Dr. Rayphe

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