On-Site & On-Line Biblical, Christian Counseling
Parson Rayphe, Bible, Deliverance, Healing. Biblical, Christian Counselor, Chaplain, traumaSecular studies have shown that on-line and telephone counseling is as beneficial as on-site counseling. From a Biblical perspective, the Scriptures are clear that words, faith and prayer are not bound by distance. We have found on-line prayer and counseling to be very beneficial.

Bible based counseling / prayer ministry is available in our, private and secure, online meeting room that is very simple to use. This venue provides a very expedient, confidential, private convenient place to meet regardless of challenges created by distance, in-climate weather, schedules, etc.

Sometimes being together at the same physical location is just best. When that occurs we accommodate accordingly in various locations of North Central Idaho including Orofino, Kamiah, Kooskia, Grangeville, Winchester, Whitebird, Riggins and Mcall areas of Idaho.

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Parson Rayphe
Community Chaplain

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