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Hi!  Glad you’re here.

There is an old hymn called “Oh How I love Jesus”.  In that song there is a line that says “Oh how I love Jesus , because He first loved me”.

Jesus (I usually refer to Him by His Hebrew name Yeshua) reached out to me, in a profound way, when I wasn’t really even considering Him.  Since then He has brought me up out of the mire and continues to help me even now.

He has done so much for  my family, myself, and even all of mmankind whether they realize it, acknowledge it, or not.  Because of this,  I have dedicated my life to serving Jesus / Yeshua with even more fervor than ever before.

I have been blessed with numerous, diversified experiences in life.  God has used this broad back ground, combined with my training, education and experience to form a wide basis from which to draw upon to help others.

Along with that I have been blessed to participate in varied and numerous outdoor adventures such as mountain climbing, rock climbing, white water rafting, extended wilderness backpacking, horse packing, and much more.  My working career includes military police, civilian police, farming, business, pastoring, counseling and coaching. 

I suppose that most of what I am about could be summarized by the word “Revival”.  Revival can include large gatherings but it is by no means limited to that.  Really, revival is summoned up in Jesus / Yeshua.  Revival is when Yeshua reaches out and touches individuals: Sometimes it is individuals that make up couples, families, groups, regions and countries. Sometimes it is just a touch but other times He reaches out by way of profound inner healing, physical healing, or meeting some other need.    It is within this context that I facilitate Revival in the lives of individuals, couples, families and groups.

Although I have well over 10,000 hours of related study on these subjects, I consider my greatest asset to be my relationship with Jesus / Yeshua and His Spirit that leads and guides.

So no matter your situation, if I can be of assistance, I look forward to meeting you.  Please feel free to sign up for our emails, join us in our Online Community, follow us on  Facebook, and contact me here.

Dr. Rayphe

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