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TASK Groups

Seeking the

He called unto Him His disciples: and of them,
He chose twelve.

Luke 6:1 

Small groups have played an integral part of shaping history.  Jesus changed the world with a small group of twelve.  John Wesley changed the face of both England and America with small groups that eventually became the Methodist Church and in early America, the colonists formed local “committees” to accomplish various tasks, substantially impacting America’s freedom and security.  More recently, in the 1970’s Phyllis Shaffley changed the course of American history by forming groups of ten that she called the ““pro-American underground.”

Earthly Kingdom VS. The Kingdom of God
Apostle Paul references being a part of the Kingdom of God at least fifteen times in his writings: Yet in Acts 22:25-27 he professes to be a Roman citizen. So which is it?  Was Apostle Paul a citizen of the Kingdom of God or was he a citizen of Rome?  The answer is he was both.  Likewise, if you are an American Christian you are both a citizen of America and a Citizen of the Kingdom of God.

God and Country Together TASK Groups
Similar to “Committee Meetings” of the war for American independence, a “TASK Group” is a small, family friendly group ranging from two to approximately fifteen that purposes to live out this dual citizenship that Apostle Paul spoke about. Working together, we purpose to live out the Biblical instructions of Godly relationships as we live life as citizens of both heaven and earth.

These are family friendly groups that meet together regularly (usually weekly) and when possible, uniting together with others for regional gatherings.  They communicate throughout the week for encouragement and support. TASK Groups are a sort of “safe haven” where you can be encouraged in the things of God.

Along with encouraging support and prayer, the TASK group gatherings can address applicable Biblical and lifestyle topics, community matters, individual needs and more.

More about TASK Groups
TASK Groups meet together as The Lord leads. But these gatherings usually occur weekly and they can take place in homes, on the internet, conference calls, the workplace, restaurants or any venue that facilitates fellowship.

These gatherings often include a time of encouragement, prayer, sharing culturally relevant information, praise, worship, and of course, fellowship and unity in Christ.

Whether TASK Groups are based in the neighborhood, the workplace, apartment complex, across the country (via the internet), or a mixture thereof, there are many creative ways to effectively network together for support, encouragement and the sharing of information.  

Through video conferencing, our internet meeting room, and other means, you can be a part of the whole wherever you may be.