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For many, the mere word alone initiates a vigorous excitement deep within.  We want to see God move in miraculous, extraordinary ways!

Anyone can advertise a meeting and call it a revival but true revival is much more than a meeting.  Often the concept of revival is almost always a bit elusive.  Even for the Revivalist, when you remove all of the trappings and expose the base, still “revival” can be challenging to define.

God is always God.  He never changes.  His character and nature is predictable.  He always loves and He is always grace-full.  Since God never changes, for me, the short definition of “revival” is “removing obstructions so that God can be Himself.”

There are two main obstructions that prevent man kind from experiencing all God has for us;
1) ourselves  2) The “adversary” i.e.satan.

The original plan of God was for man to partnership with Him in close  communion.  So as a Revivalist, I see my role as helping God’s favorite creation align themselves with His perfect plans and purposes.

If I can be of service to your group please feel free to contact me.

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