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Survivors: our Online Community

Survivors is our on-line community office, classroom and meeting place: A place for Seeking God, healing and fellowship. A place to connect that crosses the boundaries of distance.  There are groups, courses, articles, Daily Encouraging devotionals and much more.  For more, click here

Christian Pastoral counselor: Online counseling for depression, dysfunction, abuse, spiritual, emotional, verbal, marriage

Holistic Pastoral Counseling
Inner Healing & Wholeness: Spirit, Soul and Body
Online – In Office – Phone – eMailIndividual – Family – Groups

Are you looking for the healing and wholeness that is promised in the Bible through Jesus / Yeshua? Are you experiencing difficulty, stress, emotional issues, a challenge in life, or a significant decision? Marriage? Trauma? Memories? Click here

Parson Rayphe Radio

Monday through Friday Parson Rayphe comes to you with a five-minute (approximately) downloadable podcast available from your favorite pod catcher:  Daily Encouragement for your walk with Yesua / Jesus.  Coming Soon


Revival begins when Holy Spirit moves upon individuals, families, groups, regions or nations so that they can encounter Jesus. The Bible speaks of a great end times revival that will be met with resistance from the adversary and his minions.  Are you ready to step into what God has for you? Click here

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